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Preventing Fraud for Seniors (and Others!)

Each year, hundreds of thousands of seniors in the U.S. fall victim to fraud. Since they’re more likely to have savings and their oft more trusting and polite natures, they make attractive targets to scammers.

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Applying for a Loan

If you’re ready to make the next big-ticket purchase in your life, there are loans available to help you get there. From mortgages for your dream home to auto loans, personal loans or student loans, achieving your next milestone could be within your reach.

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Mid-Year Financial Check-In

An integral part of successful financial planning is reviewing your financial health a few times a year. Doing so can help you evaluate progress on your goals as well as make changes if necessary. If you haven’t made a financial plan or set goals for yourself this year, it’s not too late to

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What is a Mortgage Loan? Buying Your Home and Understanding the Process

If you’ve come here to start your homebuying journey, congratulations! This is an exciting yet nerve-wracking process for first-time homebuyers, but the rewards are worth it. Before you jump on Zillow to start house hunting, there are some things you can do to better prepare for any curveball

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How to Prepare Your Finances for a Post-COVID World

The past year presented a new normal, from the way we work to the way we socialize and everything in between. Changes have also transformed our spending or lack thereof. Entertainment, leisure activities and dining out were stripped away from monthly budgets. Instead, activities like virtual

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Everything You Need to Know About the FAFSA

Paying for college is a concern millions of students and parents deal with every year, and the FAFSA is the answer to many of those concerns. With the 2021 FAFSA deadline drawing near (June 30), we created a comprehensive blog on all you need to know, whether you’re a student or parent, about

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5 Money Steps to Help Build Financial Confidence

Make 2021 your year of financial confidence! Financial confidence means cultivating good financial behaviors and knowing how to develop self-control around money.

Investment, Financial Advice, Retirement

Early Investment and Saving Habits: Benefits for the Future

If you have minimal disposable income, chances are savings may not be a priority in your life right now. Let’s face it: being financially responsible is much easier said than done. Still, preparing for your future is important, and taking an active role in planning for it is imperative!

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The Benefits of Contactless Cards

Contactless payment methods have been all the rage recently and we’re happy to report that Florida Credit Union is joining in on the fun!

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