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Budgeting Strategies and Tips for the Rest of 2021

The National Endowment for Financial Education discovered that almost 90% of Americans have struggled with financial stress because of COVID-19. While 2021 is already well underway, we must continue to work around the conditions of the pandemic and that means preparing a budget is more important

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5 Ways to Manage Your Finances: Cutting Expenses and Saving Money

According to the American Psychological Association, 72% of Americans have reported feeling stressed about money. The stress of money can even beat other major concerns such as health, family and work. So, if the thought of managing your finances stresses you out, know that you are not alone.

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Investing Your Money: 4 Low-Risk Ways to Grow Your Money as a Beginner

To enjoy a comfortable future, investing money is necessary for the majority of people. When you invest, you can provide yourself with another source of income, help pay off student debt, or save up for a down payment for your first home. In short, investing will help you grow your wealth and

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Vacation Plans Canceled? 7 Ways to Put That Money to Work

Let’s say that last year you planned to take a hard-earned vacation in 2020. You scrimped and saved every dollar you could get your hands on and like a good saver, created a vacation fund to keep it in. You beat every milestone and resisted every temptation to spend that money…then reality hit

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Building an Emergency Fund: How to Set a Budget When You're in Debt

Did you know that the average American has roughly $38,000 in personal debt, and that doesn't even include their mortgage? Being in debt can feel suffocating and crippling, like a hole you can't escape. However, it doesn't have to be that way. With careful budgeting and planning, you can both

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Financial Tips for College Students: Budgeting & Paying for College

Are you heading off to college for the first time? College can be a fun and exciting experience. Unfortunately, it can also be very expensive. In fact, the average public college student walks away with $26,900 of debt, and the average private college student walks away with $32,600 of debt. 

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How Preteens Can Learn About Money

When it comes to teaching practical money skills, students of different ages need different methods. 3rd to 6th graders might be ready to learn the fundamentals of finance using games, books, and real world experience. At this age, you can expose your children to basic concepts like savings and

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Improving Finances: 5 Ways to Manage Money in the Second Half of 2020

As you make your way through life, you count your milestones along the way—whether it’s graduating college, buying a car or closing on your first home. But oftentimes, these big milestones come with an even bigger price tag that could set you back on your financial journey. Fortunately, there

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Financial Tips for You and Your Family During COVID-19

When the President declared COVID-19 a national emergency in early 2020, few people knew just how much life would change in the months that followed. While we are all making sacrifices during these tough times to help flatten the curve of coronavirus cases, the federal government continues to

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