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An Introduction To FCU Anywhere

Florida Credit Union’s brand new online and mobile banking platform, FCU Anywhere, is launching on May 12th, 2020! Learn more about upcoming changes and features that are guaranteed to improve your online banking experience.


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How To Bank Safely Online

Banking in the modern day means using technology. Everything from how you pay your bills to your phone’s mobile wallet are automated systems with access to your routing and account numbers, plus other important financial information.

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How Can I Add My Cards To A Mobile Wallet?

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What Are Robocalls & How Do I Stop Them?

When your phone rings, do you even bother to answer? Probably not unless you recognize the number. If an unknown caller comes across your screen, chances are you’ll send it straight to voicemail.

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Switching Transactions To Your Financial Institution with CLICKSWITCH™

There are so many reasons why people switch checking accounts.

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How To Bank Safely Using A Mobile App

Phones are everywhere, from your pocket and your hands to your car, desk, and bedside table. It seems that everyone is glued to their devices, and it makes sense why they would be. Smartphones have become like full-blown computers that are small enough to carry around.

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SOCIAL MEDIA SCAMS: How Easy Are You Making it for the Bad-Guys?

We protect ourselves from criminals with passwords, security questions and passphrases, at work, on our phones, and tons of other places every day. But there could be something you’re doing that actually makes it easier for bad guys to target you?

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What is phone number spoofing?

Thanks (or maybe no thanks) to technology, fraudsters have discovered a new way to target unsuspecting victims through fraudulent phone calls posing as “your credit union or bank”.

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What Discounts Are Available To Students?

Between astronomical tuition bills, rising prices of textbooks, foods costs and supplies, being a college student is not cheap. Lucky for you, there are loads of companies out there that think you deserve a budgeting break! Here are five of the best student discounts out there.

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