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Do You Have Bad Credit? How to Identify and Take Steps to Correct It

It’s common to find yourself in a challenging credit situation. Between store credit cards, loans and debt, developing bad credit can be a fast and slippery slope. While a less-than-ideal credit score can make you feel defeated, remember that there are actions you can take to revive your credit

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What is Financial Infidelity? Avoid Making Money Relationship Mistakes

Trust and communication are key to a successful relationship, especially when it comes to finances. When a partner in a relationship isn’t completely honest about money, they’re likely committing financial infidelity.

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¿De qué se compone un puntaje de crédito?

El puntaje de crédito es una de las métricas más importantes en el mundo de las finanzas. Las instituciones financieras utilizan este número de tres dígitos para analizar cuán probable es que un prestamista pague sus deudas. Compañías como FICO determinan este número analizando ciertos factores

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Improve Your Credit Score: The Two Simple Things You Can Do

Many people see improving their credit score as an impossible task. The reality is you don’t need to accept unfavorable credit and high interest rates! There are simple things you can start doing today to improve your score.

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What is a FICO® Credit Score and Why Should You Care?

If you’ve ever applied for a loan, you know about the value that financial institutions place on your credit score. While far from the only factor that is evaluated, your credit score provides lenders with quick insight into your financial history. A credit score is derived from your credit report,

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4 Steps to Rebuild Your Credit and Qualify for a Personal Loan

Rebuilding your credit score can be more complicated than starting from scratch, mainly because you have to prove to credit card issuers and lenders that you can and will make future payments despite slip-ups in the past. If you're not sure where to start, follow our four-step plan to begin your

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Mid-Year Financial Check-In

An integral part of successful financial planning is reviewing your financial health a few times a year. Doing so can help you evaluate progress on your goals as well as make changes if necessary. If you haven’t made a financial plan or set goals for yourself this year, it’s not too late to start!

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5 Financial Resolutions to Take On in 2021

New year, new you! Get familiar with some resolutions and strategies you can employ in 2021 to achieve greater financial independence and stability.

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9 Things That Could Hurt Your Credit

You’ve definitely heard about credit scores, the all-important number that has a profound impact on our ability to make financial decisions. Beyond just those decisions, credit scores are also used by employers, landlords and more, meaning that that little number is also your gateway (or wall) to

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