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9 Things That Could Hurt Your Credit

You’ve definitely heard about credit scores, the all-important number that has a profound impact on our ability to make financial decisions. Beyond just those decisions, credit scores are also used by employers, landlords and more, meaning that that little number is also your gateway (or wall)

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What Teens Need to Know About Getting and Using Credit Cards

The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (Credit CARD Act of 2009 for short) changed the rules regarding teenagers and credit cards. Before this legislation, roughly a third of American teens had credit cards. Today, you can’t get a credit card unless you are:

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Gift Giving: 14 Strategies for Making Your Dollars Go Further

You’ve been disciplined all year about your spending so that you can build up your savings. You don’t want to see holiday gift giving take too big a bite out of your savings. That said, you do want to give nice gifts to your loved ones.

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How To Make The Most of Black Friday

It may not be an official holiday, but you can bet that millions of Americans have Black Friday circled on their calendars each year. The day after Thanksgiving is more like Christmas in November, bringing gifts (and deals) on almost anything you can think of.

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How Do I Tackle Debt If I'm a Millennial?

The majority of millennials between the ages 25 and 34 have over $40,000 in debt. Contrary to popular belief, most of that debt doesn't' come from student loans. Credit cards, housing, and payday loans take up a huge portion of a typical millennial's wallet.  

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Signs You Are Living Beyond Your Means

If payday comes and your money seems to vanish instantly, it might be time to review your budget. A lavish lifestyle can be great for appearances, but impractical for anyone with a more limited income. We all want to be able to spend money for our wants while covering necessary expenses.

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How To Bank Safely Online

Banking in the modern day means using technology. Everything from how you pay your bills to your phone’s mobile wallet are automated systems with access to your routing and account numbers, plus other important financial information.

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Financial Tips For Recent College Grads

You’ve got the degree and the job to boot. You’re now one of millions of hardworking Americans lacing up their shoes every morning to go out and earn that paycheck.

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How Can I Add My Cards To A Mobile Wallet?

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