Ways to Save on Your Summer Vacation

Summer is here, which means for many of us, vacation season is in full swing. Unfortunately, not all of us think about how we’ll be for it beforehand, which leaves us wondering: where is the money going to come from?

Being proactive in planning your vacation by saving up for it in advance is the ideal option. Forgo some luxuries in the months or weeks leading up to your vacation and put the extra cash aside for your getaway. When you’ve got the money saved up, create a realistic vacation budget.

There are other things you can do, though, to make the most out of what you’ve saved. These vacation saving tips will help you plan a perfect getaway without busting your budget.


1.) Timing is everything

Planning to fly? Flight prices generally fluctuate until departure day, but experts say the sweet spot is 54 days before your travel date. If you can book within that window, you can save some serious cash.

2.) Clear your cache

Hotel and airline sites use cookies to know what you’re shopping for – and then raise their prices accordingly. Beat the system by clearing your cache before every new search so they can’t access your browser history.

3.) Never pay full price

Check sites like Groupon.com for deep discounts at for entertainment and dining options that interest you. You can also find cheaper tickets to nearby amusement parks by looking for second-hand sellers.

4.) Freebie fun

Try to make one day a “spend-free day” and see what sort of fun and free things you can find. Search local sites and blogs for write-ups about free things to do. You might find a beautiful hiking trail or free local concert to enjoy!

5.) Save your mega event for the last day

End your vacation on a sweet note by saving your most exciting, and likely most expensive, event for your last day away.


If you’re unsure of how you’re going to fund your getaway, call, click, or stop by your local FCU Branch to ask about opening a Vacation Club Account. We’re here to make your dream vacation come true!

How do you save big on summer vacation? Share your best hacks with us in the comments!

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