Tips for the Beginning Couponer

Easily Optimize Your Saving with Coupons

When you hear about extreme couponing, it probably brings up images of multiple shopping carts, hours of time spent clipping ads and visiting multiple stores just to find a deal. But while that is a practical solution to saving for some people, folks with a busy schedule might see that as a waste of something else just as valuable: time! You may not have the schedule availability to do couponing to the extreme, but we believe using coupons can save your budget a pretty penny. Getting the most out of them doesn’t have to take up your whole day, if you know where to start!

Understanding the Sale Cycle: Before you even get out the scissors, you can save some real dough if you understand how the sale cycle works in your favorite stores. Just about everything will go on sale at some point at your local market – sales typically rotate every 6-8 weeks, and once you know when during the year your favorite groceries on sale, you can stock up and save cash, no coupon needed!

Finding Coupons Faster: In this digital age, you don’t need spend your Sunday cutting up the newspaper and mailers for coupons. Just about every major retailer has a mobile app these days, and there’s often a section specifically for their weekly deals and store-exclusive coupons. There are also apps that can search for coupons for you depending on the product you’re looking to buy. Just make sure your favorite stores accept digital coupons before you head out shopping!

Focus On Your Favorite: While you may save more in the long run if you search for coupons across the board for each product, sometimes that way just isn’t practical. Instead, focus on your favorite store where you are likely to do your most shopping. Find the best coupons you can for that specific store and learn their coupon policy; that way, you’ll be saving money where you’d be spending anyway!

You can really add back to your budget if you use coupons effectively! Are you a fan of coupons? Let us know in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook

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