Supporting one pet at a time!

As you may know, Florida Credit Union holds an annual Pet Supply Drive that supports local animal shelters in our community.  Members and staff bring in pet food, litter, blankets, toys, bedding and array of other supplies that shelters are constantly in need of, especially in the spring (that time of year is called “puppy & kitten season”).

So why does FCU help animal rescues year after year? For us, it’s no different than gathering supplies for schools or canned goods each November – we understand what an important service these animal shelters provide, and we want to make sure they’re well taken care of in our community! After all, shelters do more than just rescue animals:

  • Animal Shelters Educate the Public: Rescues know a lot about animals and their behaviors, adopting pets, what to do with a feral cat or dog, and who to contact when you have pet health questions. Between informative websites, educational programs and simply having somewhere to call in an emergency, shelters have an important job spreading knowledge in your neighborhood!
  • Shelters Help Prevent Feral Cats & Dogs: Our local shelters are serving a much bigger purpose than just pulling in animals off the street. Through spay and neuter efforts like low-cost community programs, partnerships with veterinarians, and Trap-Neuter-Release programs, our rescues are building blockers against the rising numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens.
  • Animals Are Healthier Thanks to Shelters: Since all animals that are pulled into shelters receive veterinary care and support, and each person who adopts an animal is given veterinary recommendations, the population is healthier and helps prevent illness in the population. And since some diseases can spread from animals to humans, that helps us, too!

Florida Credit Union’s Pet Supply Drive will be going on until May 13, 2016! Be sure to stop by your local FCU branch and make a donation – the bins are waiting to be filled by amazing community members like you! 

FCU does a lot in the community! Check out previous fundraisers we've held: "Investing in Life: FCU’s School Supply Drive"

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