Smart Shopping Over Memorial Day

Memorial Day is often considered the start of summer – and for many, it marks one of the best weekends for sales until Labor Day. We wanted to take a look at how you can be a smart shopper over the holiday and compiled some great tips for saving your money!

What to Buy: Not all sales are created equal, and this is especially true over Memorial Day. This year, the things you should really focus on are clothing discounts thanks to the long lasting winter seen in a majority of the country. Many stores are trying to flush out the spring stock that never got sold and will be putting deep discounts on spring apparel. Memorial Day is also notorious for having great home-good sales, ranging from appliances to new mattresses. If you’d rather not brave the heat (and in Florida, there’s no question it’ll be hot!), try using a site like that pulls together the best deals and discounts from around the web every day.

What Not to Buy: Even though it feels like summer and you’re itching to get those warm-weather items, you’re bound to spend more if you do your shopping this weekend. From big-ticket items like grills and patio furniture, to smaller items like red-white-and-blue décor, you’re going to have a hard time arguing for the uptick in price. Just like you wouldn’t buy a faux tree in November, try to wait until later in the season to get a better price.

What to Remember: Of course, in the midst of all the consumerism, it’s important to remember what this holiday is about: remember those fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our country, and those currently serving to protect us. So if you really want a guaranteed high return on your investment, think about spending some of our weekend funds on a care package for our service men and women overseas.

What do you think? If you have some Memorial Day savings tips, put them in the comments below!  For more summer money tips, check out "Prepping Your Finances for Vacation."

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