Savvy Savers: Saving Money with Tech

Smart phones, tablets and laptops – they’ve become so common that some people aren’t sure how to live without their direct connection to social media, news outlets and work email. But these gadgets can be used for much more than updating your Facebook status. With enough forethought, these tools can help you save money on your everyday expenditures. And, since you likely have your smart phone with you a majority of the time, it won’t be any added hassle to your regular routine.  We’ve compiled some apps, sites and just good ideas to help you keep more money in your pocket. If we missed any great tools, fill us in through the comment block with your favorites!

Save on Gas

Opting for the closest gas station, no matter the cost, can really add up when it comes to your monthly budget. Instead, before you hit the pump, check out the most updated prices on This site helps you find the most inexpensive gas prices near you. Plus, if you register on the site, you have the chance to win a $100 gas card by reporting gasoline prices in your area.

Save on Groceries

Wouldn’t it be nice to save money on things you already have to buy? helps you search for the things you buy each grocery trip, like milk, eggs and bread and helps direct you to the lowest prices at your local stores. You can build shopping lists based on stores you plan to go to, export and share your shopping lists, and even save your favorite stores so you can receive notices about new deals. Once you’re done shopping, you can actually make money back through the ReceiptHog app on Android and Apple devices. This app lets you take pictures of your receipts to earn “coins;” these coins translate into hard earned cash you can redeem through PayPal or gift cards.

Save on Entertainment

It doesn’t matter what you do in your pastime – there’s probably a free app that will help you pass the time inexpensively! For people who can’t seem to get new novels fast enough, check out Wattpad, a social-platform-meets-eReader that connects you to over 40 million free stories. For great new music, check out Pandora or Spotify, apps that allow you to develop music stations, both of which feature free options. And for movie and TV lovers, there’s always Hulu, which puts many current television shows online for free, as well as Amazon Prime, which, while a paid service, does provide a great deal of free films for people who already signed up for the free shipping perk.

Save on Extras

Of course, sometimes you need things that you didn’t completely plan for, like new clothes for work or just somewhere to go for dinner. In those cases, it’s a good idea to use apps like Coupon Sherpa, which keep you posted on new coupons and sales happening for all sorts of stores near you. If you’re on Facebook and Twitter, you can also follow your favorite stores and stay up to date on coupons, deals and exclusive social media discounts. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find a way to knock down that full-price purchase to something more budget friendly.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!  

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