Saving, not Spending, on Valentine’s Day


Did you know that the average American couple plans to spend about $226 dollars on Valentine ’s Day this year and that men average over $100 more in spending for the holiday than women? If this seems like a bit too much to pull from your wallet, there are other ways to show you care that are less focused on stuff and more focused on thought and emotion. Here are a few ideas to help you save this holiday while still proving your affection.

Use Gift Cards/Coupons

Who says everything on Valentine’s Day needs to be done at full price? If your wallet is still thick with the gift cards from Christmas, use that value to buy for your loved one, whether it a movie ticket, a nice dinner or a small gift. Considering over $41 billion has been wasted from unused gift cards since 2005, this is a great way to guarantee you won’t lose that cash.

If you’re thinking about staying home, why not use coupons to buy ingredients for a fancy, homemade meal for your special someone? Every little bit of savings counts!

Get Arts and Crafts-y

The old saying is true; it really is the thought that counts. Rather than breaking the bank for a gift they don’t really need, why not produce something with your own two hands to show them how much they mean to you. Even if you aren’t usually the crafty-type, try looking on websites like Pinterest to find super easy, super fun ideas that will mean a whole lot more than a card picked out from the store.

Spend Time, Not Money

When you’re thinking about Valentine’s Day, remember that the focus is on the individual and memories, not on purchases. Plan fun activities or outings that don’t involve spending a lot of cash, like picnics, nature walks or movie marathons. If you really feel like giving, why not find a cause you both support and spend some time volunteering. It’s all about being together and making the most of your time!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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