Prepping Your Finances for Vacation

Going on vacation should be relaxing and enjoyable, but when you face surprise late fees or have your credit card declined in a strange city, it can quickly turn into an extremely stressful situation. Before you head out on your next trip away from home, be sure to prepare your finances ahead of time so that you can kick back during your time off without worrying. We’ve come up with a short check list of key things you should do while you’re confirming your reservations and filling up the suitcases.

Pay Your Bills Beforehand

While it may not ruffle your feathers on your trip, coming home to huge late fees because you forgot to pay a bill can really put a stain on all the fun memories you made. Before you hit the road, schedule all your bills for auto-payment, or put the checks in the mail for anything that falls due during or a few days after your trip. That way, if you were to be held up at your vacation destination for whatever reason, you’ll still be covered.

Build a Budget

Being in a new place and having fun can be really hard on your wallet. When we get wrapped up in our experiences, we’re often more willing to purchase things on the fly. Rather than go in spending willy-nilly, have a plan of attack for how much you want to spend each day, and consider all the purchases you’ll really want to make. If you waste all your money the first day on tourist-trap items, you’ll really regret having to buy fast-food burgers for the rest of your meals!

Give Your Bank and Credit Card Company a Heads Up

To protect you against theft and fraudulent charges, your bank may put a hold on a credit card if you’re using it in a country, or even a city, it doesn’t expect you to be in. Before you leave, call your bank and credit card companies so they know where you’ll be headed and they can prep your account for the situation. Having to re-activate your card during a vacation can be a real hassle, especially if you find out it was put on hold the hard way.

Will you be traveling during the holidays? How do you prepare your finances?  

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