Money Management 101 (Video)

When it comes to personal finance, there really are a few important virtues to live by that can make a big difference: spend less than you earn, focus on saving, use loans in a healthy way that builds your credit, etc. At FCU, we do our best to develop products and services that help you follow these principles so you can achieve real financial independence and feel good about your relationship with your money. From totally free checking accounts that help you avoid fees, to credit cards that help you earn rewards, to credit analysis opportunities, we know it can be frustrating to wade into personal finance without supportive tools from your financial institution, and we've worked hard to make a support structure for our members.

The video below does a great job explaining Money Management 101 and we wanted to share the tips of the trade that they've compiled. While these definitely aren't new ideas, it’s really handy to have a refresher of all the things that can quickly set you on the path to financial freedom!

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