Not-So-Spooky Savings: A Halloween Bash on a Budget

Throwing a Halloween bash but don’t want to spook your budget? Halloween parties, like any other soirée, can become costly if you’re not careful. Here are some tips for making your dollars stretch:

Bargain Hunter. Buy decorations after Halloween for the next year. This one takes some planning and forethought, but if you snag a great deal in November it will pay off the following October!

Get Electronic. Send out email invitations. Many websites, including and, allow you to create and send holiday themed email invitations, keep track of RSVPs and even send guests reminders as the party date approaches. It sure beats people missing your party because their invitation got lost!

DIY Decorations. Hollow out small pumpkins, line with plastic wrap, and use as a bowl for chips or dips. Use large, carved pumpkins throughout the party area as décor. Plus, you can use the stuffing and seeds to make party snacks! You can add to the exterior décor by taking the leaves from your yard and stuffing into white garbage bags. Draw spooky faces on each bag and you have a haunted yard. You can check out this great article on for more Halloween DIY ideas!

BYOC. Candy can be very expensive – so ask everyone to bring their favorite candy to share. Supply plastic baggies and encourage guests to make their own candy bags. Voila! Instant party favors.

Costumes (Not) Optional. While it may seem obvious, some people need it spelled out for them to wear a costume. Making costumes mandatory is a great way to create a festive Halloween atmosphere without doling out cash for decor.

Spooky Sounds are a Must. Make a great Halloween playlist and have it playing in the background. You can purchase pre-selected Halloween-themed CDs or playlists, or you can hand pick and download your tunes and create a custom soundtrack for your party.

Timing is Everything. If you don’t want to supply a full meal to your guests, make sure your party is not timed during a major mealtime. For daytime parties (for kids, etc.), schedule it between breakfast and lunch and provide snacks. For more adult-themed affairs, plan for after dinner time and serve hors-d-oeuvres and drinks. 

What do you think? If you have some party ideas that won’t frighten your finances, put them in the comments below!   


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