Inexpensive Ways To Celebrate the 4th

In just a few days America will be celebrating the big 242 ! This year the holiday falls right in the middle of the week, but don't let that stop the celebration! Here are four ways you can celebrate the nation’s independence without limiting your own financial freedom:

Say Thanks, With A Donation

Take a moment to show appreciation for the men and women who’ve made our freedom possible. The average family spends about $71.34 on the holiday so, if you don’t plan on throwing a mid week BBQ, donate the funds to a veteran’s charity !

Catch A Game

Spend the day enjoying America’s favorite past time from the comfort of your own home. Major League Baseball rose to prominence at the end of the first World War and was the first major sport to rally the crowd with a rendition of the national anthem. So it should be no surprise that baseball has long been considered "America's Sport" .  Take a peek at the MLB lineup for the 4th and enjoy a day off (on the couch) you deserve it!

Fireworks Show

In 2016, Americans spent $800 million on fireworks, so before you go and splurge on an elaborate neighborhood display, check out the local events in your area! Most towns put on some pretty elaborate shows, so save your money and let them handle the mess.

Throw A Different Party: Happy Birthday America!

Fourth of July parties are great but add a twist and make it a birthday party, for America!  Invite a few friends and pull together a potluck to save on expenses. While you can still enjoy burgers and hot dogs on the grill, it's also a really good excuse to eat cake.


If you decide to stay local don’t pass up an opportunity to celebrate with your FCU family! Florida Credit Union is a proud sponsor of WUFT’s Fanfares and Fireworks annual celebration! This year’s event will be held at the University of Florida Bandshell at Flavet Field, between 7 and 10 p.m., on July 3rd.  We hope to see you there, but if we don't, have a safe holiday!


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