Help Us Save Animals in Our Community!

Animals have become an important part of the American family; it’s estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the US (ASPCA). That means nearly half of all households have a dog, and nearly 40% have a cat at home. These are some pretty impressive numbers, but what many don’t think about are how many animals don’t have a home to call their own – and where these would-be pets end up instead.

Local animal shelters and rescues provide an important service by taking in animals that are not being cared for by owners. Some shelters provide vaccinations, sterilization services and community animal educations programs. One of the most important jobs of a shelter is providing second chances for abandoned or abused pets by encouraging adoptions into loving forever homes, and sometimes using foster homes to help these animals acclimate back into the pet-lifestyle.

A majority of these animal shelters rely on donations from the community. Things like blankets, dog and cat food, pet toys, towels, bowls, treats, cat litter and more are all needed to help rescues serve their neighborhoods and control the animal populations.  

To support these noble organizations, Florida Credit Union is holding a supply drive to raise donations for local animal shelters and rescues. Running through October 17, 2014, we’ll be accepting all types of pet supplies in our branches – just look for the green bins! If you’re interested in the organizations we’ll be supporting, please visit our drive page to learn more. We hope you’ll help us save and protect the animals in your neighborhood! 

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