Getting Your Greens for Less

How to Save Money When Buying Produce

When you learned about the food pyramid, you were told how important it is to get your fruits and veggies. But as adults who make their our own grocery lists, sometimes it’s not always convenient, or budget-friendly, to buy fresh produce. However, if you know what you’re looking for when you head to the supermarket, fresh fruits and vegetables can be available all year long without breaking the bank.  

The When 

Produce is cheapest when it's in season, so buying in bulk and prepping for future use can help your seasonal goods last a lot longer. Planning ahead and freezing, canning and pickling produce allows you to save money, and be in control of all the food you eat (no more preservatives!). While learning how to can and brine food can be a bit more complicated than simply freezing it, you can learn different techniques from online blogs and even sites like Pinterest.

When your favorite produce items aren't available, try something new! Our seasons here in Florida are often mild, but during the winter, beets, kale and winter squash are readily available, even from the colder climates. Even if you’ve never used them before, the ease of finding new recipes has turned relatively unknown fruits or vegetables into family favorites.  

The Where 

You don’t have to rely on your local supermarket to find great fresh produce. Seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets are often reasonably priced and most of them operate all year long. Not only do you get a fresh deal, but you help support local farmers and their families. Many communities also have CSAs, Community-Shared Agriculture groups; these are networks of people who commit to buying together from local farmers. In these groups, you pay a set price for a selection of weekly or monthly produce. While some of the produce may be new to you, it gives you and your family plenty of opportunities to research and try new foods and recipes.

How do you get your veggies year round? Let us know in the comments below! 

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