FCU Tech Spotlight: eBills

In our web-based world, it’s become easier and easier to get everything you need online. Whether you want to connect to people across the globe, make music video playlists you can access anywhere, or even have soap delivered to your door, there’s a new site designed to support your needs. One of the ways we’ve developed to help you in your daily life is by making paying your bills a simpler, less time-consuming process.


FCU’s Online Banking has a lot of exciting features, like a budgeting tab that can help you organize your spending habits, but one we want to highlight today is called eBills. This tool is an extension of bill payer which allows your bills to come directly to your online banking account. Just as if you were accessing your account from that payee’s home site, you’ll see not only the bill and its due date, but you can choose to pay the minimum balance, the entire balance or another amount.

Setting it up

If a payee is eligible to be enrolled in eBills, then you will see an "Enroll" icon under their name in the Payment Center. To enroll in eBills, you must have an online relationship with that payee ahead of time. Select the "Enroll" icon and you have the ability to enter your login information for the payee's home site. This information connects your billing account with the payee to your online banking account.


Through eBills alerts, you can control how you are notified of your new bill cycle. You can receive alerts when the payment is due, when the eBill arrives in online banking, or if an error has occurred in the update process. You can also control which email receives the alerts. 

Have you used FCU’s eBills service yet? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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