Extravagant Celebrity Gifts (and the things you could buy instead!)

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends, take note of what you’re thankful for and, oftentimes, spend more money than you’d initially intended. For celebrities, there’s no end to the amount of cash they’ll drop on lavish and extravagant presents for their friends, loved-ones or even themselves! In the spirit of the season, we decided to compile a short list of the most expensive celebrity holiday gifts and give them each a more realistic, and financially savvy, counterpart that you could consider in your own holiday shopping!

The Gift: David Beckham’s Vineyard for Victoria Beckham

This multi-million dollar gift was given for the “Spice Girl’s” star’s birthday. According to Haute Living, “David spent months researching Napa Valley vineyards to gift his wife for her 34th birthday.”

What to get instead: Wine-Opoly Board Game

Because not all of us can spend millions of dollars on a private winery, why not consider something a little more playful for the wine-lover on your list. Rather than just a bottle of red than they could purchase themselves, try something fun like the Wine-Opoly Board Game. Not only is it price-efficient, but the game is full of interesting facts and descriptors about different wines.

The Gift: Oprah’s Mediterranean Cruise

Because Oprah is such a lavish gift-giver, it’s no surprise that she spent quite a pretty penny on her staff one year, providing over 100 employees a 10-day luxury cruise.

What to get instead: SpaFinder Gift Certificate

If you want to help someone on your list relax, don’t fret if you can’t send them across the globe for a refreshing get-away. Instead, consider getting a gift certificate to a local spa; you get to control how much you want to spend, and they’ll get a treat they may not have thought to buy for themselves. Don’t live nearby? SpaFinder.com allows you to buy gift certificates that work at any number of spas across the country.

The Gift: Mike Tyson’s $2 Million Tub for Robin Givens

You’ll often hear people remark that it’s the thought that counts, but this gift from Mike Tyson for his now ex-wife was certainly an expensive idea.

What to get instead: Basin Bath Products

Rather than buying someone a whole new bathtub, you can easily treat someone to something a little more portable. Consider giving them something from Basin, a company that produces bath and body products with no parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, are not tested on animals and are made in the USA. 

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