Emergency: Hurricane Financial Prep

Protect Your Finances in Hurricane Season

June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season in the Atlantic and there’s a lot of talk about being prepared for the worst case scenario. While most think of hurricane preparation as collecting bottles of water and batteries, it’s crucial to plan for your financial security, too. Florida Credit Union has a handful of financial protection tips to make sure you’re ready to go if storm season hits hard this year.

Know Your Hurricane Insurance Policy: The end of August through the beginning of September is typically the most active period for hurricanes, so it’s a good idea to make sure your insurance policy and coverage are adequate well beforehand. Before disaster hits, be sure to know what’s covered, what isn’t, and if your property’s flood map has changed.  

Secure Financial Documents: If you have to evacuate your home during a hurricane, you’ll be so thankful to have all your important financial documents, like personal identification papers, financial account information, ownership documentation for homes and vehicles, and insurance paperwork ready to go with you. Try to keep everything in lockable storage, whether it a portable safe or computer storage device, and within a waterproof container.

Keep Connected to Your Financial Institution:  As always, Florida Credit Union promises to have our ATMs fully stocked for members, to keep the longest FCU lobby & call center hours possible before the storm and to be open right after a storm passes, once it is safe for FCU employees. Make sure you stay in touch through our social media, email and website notifications. Most important preparation tip to stay connected? Keep a cell phone charger handy!

Do you have a hurricane emergency kit ready to go in case of a tropical storm system? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

Be ready for hurricane season with our Hurricane Prep List: " Be Prepared: FCU’s Hurricane Season Prep List "

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