Cyber Safety for Black Friday!

Being a Safe Cyber Shopper on Black Friday

The holiday season is filled with fun, food, family – and frequently, lots of shopping! But all that spending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can put you at risk of fraudulent attacks against your financial information. Cyber crooks are always looking for leaks in your money system, and the hustle and bustle of festivities is a prime time for something to slip through the cracks. In fact, leading security companies are pointing to an all-time high in projected fraud attempts this holiday season. Phishing has been one of the most historically successful methods for fraudsters to steal financial card data, so we want to make sure you’re prepared with the best ways to protect yourself during this jolly time of year!

Know Your Websites: Before you make a purchase on a website, no matter how good the deal seems, make sure you 100% trust the source of the page. You may think you’re on PayPal, but if the top URL bar says something different, you might be on an illegitimate site. And before you enter any check-out information, be sure it’s a secure site with the “lock” symbol listed in the URL bar – that way you know the site is protected and fraudsters can’t take your financial data.

Be Wary of Emails: ‘Tis the season for discounts and deals flooding your email inbox! A good way to sift through the real offers and the spam is to use a great spam filter, and always make sure the linked URL they want to send you to corresponds to the vendor selling you the email. For instance, Walmart won’t be sending you special offers from a Gmail account!

Read the Reviews: Does that offer you saw on your Facebook page seem too good to be true? It might be! A great way to avoid spammy websites or pages that exploit your data is to look them up before you go to the site and get locked into a fake deal or fraudulent account. Typically, all it takes is a good Google search to know if that business isn’t one to trust.

Are you a big Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopper? How do you keep yourself account safe during the season? Let us know in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook! 

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