Building Your Pot O’ Gold: 4 Ways to Save More


St. Patrick’s Day is drawing near, which means the glamour of your New Year’s resolutions has all but worn off. If you find yourself slipping back into bad financial habits, we’ve come up with 4 easy ways to help build your savings account without too much effort!

Turn Down the Heat
While Florida might not be buried in snow this time of year, those of us in the northern stretches of the state have certainly felt a chill recently, with low’s going in to the thirties on more than one occasion. However, cranking the heat during these cold spells will heavily inflate your bill. Instead, keep the heat down as low as you can (without freezing yourself out or causing yourself to buy mittens and hats in bulk!) and consider using a programmable thermostat. When you leave the house and when you go to sleep, turn the heat down even more; you’ll save a lot by keeping the heater from working when there’s no one around to feel the warmth.

Eat Breakfast
It might seem silly, but eating breakfast can actually save you quite a bit because breakfast foods are often inexpensive and easy to buy in bulk. Eating a healthy meal in the morning will fuel you up for the start of your day and help keep you from buying a large, expensive meal for lunch.

Join a Library
In the age of e-readers and mp3s, sometimes libraries get lost in the mix, but they really can be an affordable alternative to bookstores. Not only can you get your regular reading fix, you can often find cds and dvds, too, which can help supplement your entertainment needs. 

Switch Your Bank
If you’re banking with an institution that charges you unexplainable fees for things like going into a branch or having a checking account, then you’re losing money in the same place you’re supposed to grow it! Consider switching to a credit union like FCU; we can help you make the transition an easy process and we provide all sorts of products and services that can help you build your finances.

What other savings tips do you follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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