An Amazing Gift: A Life Insurance Story

Shane Donaca was a devoted family man, hard-working business owner and motorcycle enthusiast. One fateful weekend, Shane was in a tragic accident that took his life and changed everything for his family, friends and staff. But things could have been much worse; only twelve hours earlier, Shane had signed a new life insurance plan, securing his family’s financial safety and stability for years to come. 

Unfortunately, many people do not have the insurance safety net in place that the Donaca family was able to fall back on. In fact, despite acknowledging how important and beneficial life insurance is, over 95 million Americans live without life insurance and only one-third of consumers are covered by individually-owned life policies. Consumers often believe growing their own assets by saving will protect their loved ones, but these good intentions often get unraveled with bad decision making and needless expenditures.

If it’s so important, why do so few people have life insurance? Apparently, it’s an overestimate of cost! 83% of consumers say they don’t purchase more life insurance because it’s too expensive, but this is largely due to the understanding that life insurance is 3 times more costly than it really is!

If you’re interested in preparing for the future, contact FCU. Our staff can walk you through the process and help you choose the right insurance plan for our family. Don’t leave things to chance; Kim Donaca, Shane’s wife, understood what an amazing gift life insurance was for their family. Protect your loved ones today!

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