3 Things Food Banks Need, But Don't Ask For

As you may have heard, FCU is in the middle of our 3rd Annual Canned Food Supply Drive. Each of our branches have a special green tub set up to collect your charitable donations, whether they’re canned goods or any number of other things local food banks need. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that food banks do need more than just boxes of stuff and canned pineapple. We've collected three of the most needed, but often not thought about, items food pantries need.

  1. Toiletries – People need to eat, of course, but think about all the different things you buy when you head to the grocery store. From shampoo and deodorant, to tooth brushes and feminine products, there are all sorts of things people need. Plus, while many grocery stores are great about donating surplus food, there typically isn't a reason to donate these other types of supplies.
  2. Spices – Herbs, spices and seasoned salt can often take a droll can of beans or bag or rice and make it into a much more desirable meal. We don’t think about it, but a few small containers of cayenne pepper, cinnamon or basil could make a big difference in someone’s dinner.
  3. Money – Food banks can sometimes get discounts or special prices on food, but if they don’t have the money to spend, their discount doesn't go very far. Of course, donations of any kind are appreciated, but it can sometimes be more helpful to donate a few dollars, rather than bags of canned goods you didn't want and the pantry doesn't need.

On the other hand, there are some things that food banks can’t accept. This primarily includes foods that have expired or lack an expiration date at all. While it may not have gone bad, if there’s no date indicating freshness, it can be hard to hand out food without a guarantee it’s safe to eat.

No matter what you donate this year, remember that you’re appreciated! From FCU and all our local food charities, your support is admired year after year!

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