Welcome to the FCU Blog!

As you can see from our previous posts and our declarations on Facebook and Twitter, we’re already up and running with the new FCU blog. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we wanted to take some time to welcome you, our readers, to our new feature and to explain why we decided to produce the blog in the first place.

The new FCU Blog is designed to help you in financial pursuits! If you’re already a member, or considering being a member of FCU, you know that one of our main goals is to support you in your financial endeavors. We strive to provide you quality products and services, like those you’d find at a “big bank,” but to also build a personal relationship with you that will help guide you in all your financial pursuits. At a credit union, you’re the owner, the member, the beating heart of the organization.

For us, starting a blog felt like a great way to extend another hand out to you in the community. Not only can we supply you with the collective wisdom of our staff and executives, but we can address the questions and financial concerns you have, as soon as you have them.

So, we’d like for you to take a minute and let us know in the comments below the types of things you’d like to read about. If you’re just discovering us, check out our website and see what we’re all about. If you have questions or ideas, please share with us so we can better support you and your financial needs. Members are our most important asset – let your voice be heard! 

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